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Safe Places National Network

Throughout life, we all need a bit of support and advice when it comes to dealing with friendships and different types of social relationships.

Vulnerable people are no different and often find understanding friendships and social rules really difficult; this means they may need a bit more support and guidance to navigate the confusing world of social interaction.

Our Mate Crime resources are designed to be used to create discussions about positive and negative personal interactions. These learning resources provide a way of initiating a conversation around friendships and the often-difficult subject of Mate Crime.

They can help teach vulnerable people to spot the signs of when they are being taken advantage of or being abused both in their own homes as well as in the community and ultimately what action to take.

These resources are designed to be delivered and discussed by anyone looking to approach the subject of unhealthy relationships and Mate Crime.

They are easy to use and can be delivered in a range of venues - from a classroom to a living room. We have provided part or fully symbolised resources, so they are easy to understand for those with any communication or language differences or difficulties.

We hope that by using these resources you will be able to empower individuals with the knowledge, confidence and language to protect themselves in situations that they may otherwise be vulnerable or exposed to abuse.

What is Mate Crime?
Who can commit a Mate Crime?
What to do if you are a Mate Crime victim?
Good friends
Bad friends
Flash cards
Mate Crime Quiz Zone
Mate Crime Scenarios
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